Victoria Duff

Victoria Duff

Learning Forward New Jersey, Membership Secretary

Learning Forward New Jersey, Board of Directors

Learning Forward New Jersey, Past President


Professional learning is at the heart of successful school improvement efforts. For the past 25 years, I have advocated for professional learning opportunities for educators that are collaborative, sustained, promote time for application and feedback, and foster collective responsibility for student learning. Having the opportunity to support instructional leaders to design, deliver, and coach the implementation of these learning opportunities, has allowed me to witness powerful leadership and teaching in New Jersey schools. As a member of Learning Forward New Jersey and Learning Forward, I have been able to add to my own learning and share that learning to strengthen educator practice and ensure that our students are successful.


Coordinator of Professional Learning, New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association and Foundation for Educational Administration
Learning Forward Foundation, Advisory Board, and Past Chair
Learning Forward Consultant
New Jersey Depart of Education, Coordinator of Professional Learning
Toms River School District, Mentoring Coordinator and Teacher

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