Tonya Breland

Board Member

Director of the Office of Professional Learning at the New Jersey Department of Education

Tonya Breland currently serves the students and educators of New Jersey as the Director
of the Office of Professional Learning at the New Jersey Department of Education where
she has a passion and commitment to strengthening teaching, leading and learning using
the lens of equity. As a leader for Equity, Tonya spearheaded the first statewide
conference: Equity for All, in which over 1,000 educators from throughout the state
gathered in attendance.

Tonya enjoys entrepreneurship and has started several businesses over the course of her
lifetime. Tonya is a highly respected National Milken Educator Award recipient and
educational leader with a lifelong mission to make a difference in the lives of others. She
has authored two books: Fight to Make It Happen: 6 Power Principles to Fulfilling Your
Purpose & Living Your Dreams and Mykayla Mitchell Moves Away”. She is passionate
about empowering and inspiring people to live their dreams and fulfill their purpose.
In her career, Tonya served as an Elementary School Principal, Curriculum Supervisor
and Middle and Elementary school teacher. She previously served as the Co-Chair of the
State Professional Learning Committee with the New Jersey Department of Education
and has been a sought-after Trainer/Coach/Consultant/Speaker to school districts,
individuals, educational and other organizations across the state. She also taught in the
NJEXCEL Program preparing professionals for licensure to become school/district

Tonya has learned some powerful life lessons from her experiences as a professional in
the Education, Small Business and nonprofit worlds. These lessons inform her
decision-making and ability to lead, train & coach others professionally and personally.
She takes great joy in being able to transfer knowledge and impart wisdom that is
practical, invaluable and life changing for her audiences.