Candice Wells

Board Member

Administrator, Newark Public Schools

Candice Wells serves Newark Public Schools as a Special Assistant within the Office of Special Education. In this role she also serves as the LRE Facilitator collaborating with school based teams to improve school culture and climate regarding inclusive practices.  She meets with school based Implementation Teams and PLCs to support teacher learning and student achievement.

Candice chairs the Regional Committee to support additional Learning Forward NJ professional learning opportunities during the year.  She is also the secretary for ASCD Central Region and a consultant for the NJPSA/FEA Leadership Academy.

Her passion is a result of being a successful co-teacher for math and science.  Her demonstrated success has resulted in her chairing school based professional development committees and later becoming Supervisor of Special Education and Supervisor of Professional Development.   She is invited by other organizations to present on the topic of Co-Teaching and is currently researching the implications for ELL and working with Pre-Service teachers using the various Co-Teaching Models.