Testimonials from Learning Forward’s Annual Conference 2017: Leadership Concepts for Modern Educators

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the opportunity to attend the Learning Forward NJ conference. All of the sudden I found myself presenting “Reading Strategies For All” PD to 45 teachers and I feel completely relaxed and confident in what I have planned because of the workshops I sat through in Princeton. I am confident the staff will have practical and realistic PD that will impact the instruction in their classroom. “ ~ Josh DeWald

Thank you for the opportunity. The conference was inspirational and the learning sessions were very helpful and practical. I am excited about the upcoming school year.  ~Elizabeth Calenda

The conference was inspiring and I was able to create and lead  my first ever session!!!  I thought that I would have done one at EdCamp but it was your event that inspired me.  Again, thank you and I will be looking for ways to continue to learn, connect and grow with your group. ~Abe Alarcon

I learned so much at the conference and feel invigorated and excited to start the school year – which is not a usual feeling for me in August! ~Alicia Pepe