A chore can be defined as an unpleasant but necessary task.  Too often, this is how many educators would describe their professional development and professional learning community meetings.  When professional learning is relevant and personalized, it no longer feels like a chore.  When professional learning community meetings help teachers increase student learning, they no longer feel like a chore.  Learning Forward New Jersey is here to help all learners get excited about learning so that it no longer feels like  a chore.

A Cushy Number

Many people outside of teaching accuse this profession of being a “cushy number”, meaning an easy, comfortable job.  However, anyone who has worked in education can tell you, that it is a very challenging, demanding, and ever-changing profession.  Since teaching is a profession, it requires us to continuously increase our knowledge and update our practices to meet the needs of our students.  Learning Forward New Jersey  is an excellent resource for ensuring that everyone learns every day.

Embrace the  World!

What an exciting time to be an educator!  There is an abundance of resources!  I began my career before the internet, Pinterest, Teachers-Pay-Teachers, and all the other resources that exist.  It was also hard to find up to date, relevant research about how students and teachers learn.  Not anymore!  There is so much knowledge available and accessible to all, which makes teaching more exciting than ever!  So, when teaching gets frustrating, I remind teachers of all the resources we have now to assist us! (Learning Forward New Jersey is one important resource.)

Vague Approach

Although, I believe I was an effective teacher, looking back, I can see that I had a vague approach to learning.  With no readily accessible research to draw from, I went on what I “felt” worked, but did not have data to support my strategies.  Without a professional learning community to work with, my teaching lacked clarity.  My techniques were ambiguous and lacked specificity for unique learning needs.  I used fuzzy logic, but it was the best I had available at the time.  We no longer have to use a vague approach to learning.  Teaching doesn’t have to be a chore, nor has it become an easy job.  It is a profession that is challenging, intricate, ever-changing, stimulating, exciting, and rewarding.  Embrace the challenge!  Learning Forward New Jersey is here to help and support all learners!

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